Beginner guides to growing the best organic plants indoor.

Organic growing can be a storm of complexity especially in a beginner's world however it doesn't have to be this way. There are a wealth full of nutrients that are rich in organic minerals and natural deposits that can make the entire experience painless and rewarding.

Why would you want to grow organically?

The perks of growing organically can be various.

1. Less nutrients burn, less pH complications. pH for organic fertilizers are natural so their pH are normally neutral and suitable for plant consumption. We still suggest that you use water (filtered) under 7 pH for feeding your plants for best results. pH balancing can be avoided.

2. Better taste and aroma. This one can be argued as we are not dominantly standing by this one because at the end of it all it really depends on how you leach your plants in the end before you harvest. Leaching is important because it clears away your plant's toxins leaving it with natural amount of nutrients preventing harsh burns etc.


Beneficial Fungi Best Products to Use

Plant roots are the building blocks of all plants. Imagine Asteraceae which is a family of plants that include weeds like dandelions. Plants like dandelions are strong from the roots and up, destroying the plants from the foliage and stem will only allow them to grow back, the most common way to get rid of these weed is to kill from the roots.
That's why a strong root systems are extremely important, bigger roots bare bigger fruits.
Strong root system doesn't always comes naturally with your plants. Genetics and strain markup are very important for desired outcome however with today's technology various plant additives and microbes can make a significant difference in your plant root success.
Roots require regular maintenance and nutrients to achieve success.
We have tested various products and received lots of different results. Our most recent successful experiment was with Thai a Health Canada Licensed Holland Industry customer.
We tried to keep it intermediate/basic t…